Carbo Oil is a German supplier and manufacturer of High Performance Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, as well as other chemistry related products.

Carbo Oil is a registered Trademark.


Carbo Oil as a company has it’s origin in BSP Bremssystemprodukte GmbH, with main office in Wiesemscheid am Nurburgring Germany.

BSP has 25 years experience within the field of Performance Brake Systems for Automotive, Transport and Industry. As an example BSP manufacture in house brake systems for large Kranes, and other industry installations as well as brake discs and pads for automotive. BSP is especially known for their Racing Brake Pads and Discs CarboPad (Registered Trademark).

Carbo Oil is first and foremost a quality lubricant that gives our customers, the world over, the best possible conditions for doing great business in the field, with a fantastic product at the best possible price.

Carbo Oil aims for 100% consumer and customer satisfaction, regardless of what challenge the lubricants are facing on a day to day basis -in general use.

Carbo Oil’s main office is in Germany, but designs, research & development, as well as production -is also done elsewhere. 

Outstanding Automotive and Industrial Lubricants and other chemistry related products supplied worldwide -to happy customers.



When you are looking for quality and maximum performance. When you are looking to deliver the best lubricants possible to your customers. When you seek a secure and dependable supplier you can trust. Then you choose Carbo Oil.

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